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Pinkie Pie is a very mixup oriented character; she has very weak zoning capabilities but plays decent hoofsies. Appropriately, Pinkie's strengths lie in setting up her opponent for her wide array of deadly crossups, cross-unders, throws, overheads, low attacks, and resets—all of which connect into her surprisingly hard hitting combos. And she has plenty of tools to do it—short hops, powerful overhead attacks, crossups, teleports, even an air unblockable… Pinkie's got it all.

Notable normals: 2A, 2C, 3C, 6C, j.B and j.C


Normal Moves

Startup: | Hit: | Block:
Move description:
Startup: | Hit: | Block:
Move description:
Startup: | Hit: | Block:
Move description:
Startup: | Hit: | Block:
Move description: Being Pinkie's only normal move that hits low, this move plays a huge part in Pinkie's mixup game. Use it to start a combo or blockstring when you are very close to your opponent and they are expecting one of Pinkie's wide array of high hitting attacks.
Startup: | Hit: | Block:
Move description:
Startup: | Hit: | Block:
Move description: Use this move when you have to punish a very laggy move from the opponent and you don't have the charge for a cartwheel. That way you get a little more time to charge it and move closer to continue your combo or, if that fails, you get the hard knock down, which sets you up for a nice mixup.
Startup: | Hit: | Block:
Move description: Foam finger hits very far, it's second hit is an overhead and it is surprinsingly hard to punish, but only if done from a safe distance. Not the greatest of the blockstring enders but can be used sparingly to bait punishes it you know your spacing.
Startup: | Hit: | Block:
Move description: Arguably the best anti-air move in the game. It has a huge hitbox and can't be blocked by airborne opponents. It's also a great blockstring ender, as it's safe on block (being only -4 or -2 frames on block, depending on the character you're facing) although it whiffs on crouchers. But if you see them blocking high, expecting a Number 1 Glove or a Cartwheel instead, this is the safest option to go.
Startup: | Hit: | Block:
Move description:
Startup: | Hit: | Block:
Move description: A great air-to-air move, having many active frames and a very large hitbox. It's also a good crossup move from Pinkie's short hop.
Startup: | Hit: | Block:
Move description: Another great crossup and overhead for Pinkie. Having many hits, it can also be used in the air to easily hit confirm into her Lvl1 super.
Startup: | Hit: | Block:
Move description:


Cartwheel - [4]6
Move description: Pinkie does a cartwheel forward.
A very fast and far hitting move, can be used to start a great punish for a lot of unsafe moves in the game and as part of Pinkie's mixup game. The B variety is good for ending blockstrings, as it hard to punish and is another opportunity for her to hit high. The C variety causes a spike and groundbounce, working too as decent anti-air move, especially against hops, but better off left only to extend combos or punish whiffs.
Be Right Back! - [6]4
Move description: Pinkie goes out of the screen from behind her and comes back from different direction.
In the A version she comes from the same side she left, in the B version she comes from the other of the screen, the C version makes her appear from the up border of the screen and perform her "Party Press" move. The D version requires that she previously shot a present from her Party Cannon and, when used, makes her appear out of the present while doing a low hitting attack.
Party Cannon - D
Move description:
Eat - 2B
Move description:


Level 1: Cupcake Assault - j.214214C
Move description:
Level 3: Pinkamena - 222C
Move description: Pinkie transforms into Pinkamena for about 9 seconds during which you can only grab, dash, jump and use her Party Cannon attacks. All of Pinkamena grabs hit airborne targets and, the three grounded versions have varying startup durations in which she dashes forward to catch her opponent, the air version stops your jumping arc for the duration of the grab. In this state Pinkie can't block and will still get hit by enemy attacks but she will take greatly reduced damage and will have much shorter hitstun, she won't get knocked down, launched or blown back either. Getting thrown as Pinkamena causes the game to glitch and Pinkie goes back normal upon hitting an attack button. Once you successfully grab your opponent or when the time is over you go back to regular Pinkie Pie.


  • Basic Combo (Super Finish): 2A > 2B > 2C > Cartwheel C > A > B > C > Cartwheel A > 3C > j.C > j.B > B > C > Cartwheel A > 3C > j.C > 214214C

Pinkie's most basic combo, from which most of her other combos are built. Note that in order to execute this combo, you must perform cartwheels directly after normals. What this means, in essence, is that during every normal you will also be holding either [4] or [1] while performing it to store charge for the following Cartwheel. This "charge buffering" is an essential part of Pinkie's gameplay (and is not generally notated in order to preserve clarity).

  • Basic Combo (Hard Knockdown): 2A > 2B > 2C > Cartwheel C > A > B > C > Cartwheel A > 3C > j.C > j.B > B > C > Cartwheel A > 3C > j.C > j.B > B > C > Cartwheel A > 6C

This combo is identical to the previous, except that it ends in a hard knockdown. This is the usually preferred version—Pinkie is all about setups and mixups, and this is an easy opportunity for a 4-way mixup. You have the choice to either short hop over or into your opponent (creating a blocking direction crossup), and from there you can either hit high with a j.B or wait to land and hit low with a 2A (creating a high/low mixup). The hard knockdown is one of Pinkie's most powerful tools.

  • Cartwheel Loop Extension: 2A > 2B > 2C > Cartwheel C > A > B > C > Cartwheel A > 2A > 2B > 2C > Cartwheel A > 6C > j.C > j.B > B > Cartwheel A > 2A > 2B > 2C > Cartwheel A > 6C > j.C > j.B > B > Cartwheel A > 6C

This combo revolutionized the way Pinkie played when it was discovered. She became a powerhouse—easily one of the best characters in the current build. The combo relies on the broken teching system; a character can't actually ground tech the exact instant they flash blue, there is a very slight delay. Exploiting this, Pinkie's damage output is augmented tremendously. The combo given ends in a hard knockdown, but of course the Cupcake Assault variation is viable.

  • Cartwheel B Loop: A > B > C > Cartwheel B > 66 (Dash Cancel) > B > C > Cartwheel A > Repeat (x4)

This is not a full combo, but rather an extension that can be added at any suitable point within a combo proper. This combo has a reputation for being one of the most difficult strings in the game to execute properly, so don't be afraid to seek tips from members of the community. Note: This combo WILL NOT WORK against Applejack.

  • Pinkamena Combo A: 2A > 2B > 2C > Cartwheel A > 3C > j.C > j.B > 222C > [5] (Idle during the animation. DO NOT MASH) > j.A

Another combo snippet, this is the main method used to combo into Pinkie's LV3 super. Note that timing is important. You cannot hold up and mash A during the transformation animation, or you will fail to jump and only perform a standing hug. Practice hitting jump just as the animation completes and immediately following up with A. The hitbox of the hug is rather tall, so don't worry about the opponent's height above you too much—it's much more important to catch the opponent before they can tech.

  • Pinkamena Combo B: 2A > 2B > 2C > Cartwheel C > 66 (Dash Cancel) > 222C > [5] > j.A

This method of comboing into Pinkamena has the advantage of being more difficult (in fact, impossible) for the opponent to tech during their airtime, but brings with it the prospect of being much harder to execute.

Frame Data

Disclaimer: This frame data was collected against a Pinkie Pie dummy. Frame advantage on hit and on block might slightly vary if facing other characters.

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