MTSP is a Japanese 3rd party netplay client for the FM2K engine, with integrated lobby and chat.
It is built around a server system, a player hosts a room for other players to join and use as a matchmaking.

How to configure MTSP

At MTSP's startup, you are shown a "startup" dialog. There are a few things to set here:

  • Your Open Port (by default 7500)
  • In the Option tab, your Nickname and Tagline. The Tagline appears for everyone when you join a server, and it is recommend that you include your general location (e.g. East Coast or Europe)

Now press Cancel. If MTSP was not already configured, it will ask you to set the path to the game's executable and bring you to the Settings window. If it does not, click Options, then Settings, and set the following settings:

  • The game's executable path
  • The replay folder if you want MTSP to save your replays
  • The different notification sounds (optional)

The following points are important. In the Game tab, set:

  • Max. Stage #: 4
  • Random Stage: 0
  • # of Rounds: 2
  • Game Timer: 99
  • Title Bar: (Recommended: "Nicknames", "Number of Games Played", and "FPS")
  • Launch at 640x480

How to connect to a server

To join an existing server:

  • Choose Host if your port is Forwarded, or Client if your port is not Forwarded.
  • Put the server's address (either IP address, domain name, or server code) in Destination IP and press OK.
  • If you can't connect, try checking or unchecking the DNS box.
  • As a Host, you will be able to play with everybody on the server.
  • As a Client, you will only be able to play with Hosts, and the Server's creator.

Additionally, if you want to host a server:

  • Choose Server on the startup dialog, and type a name for your server.
  • Make sure your ports are forwarded properly, or no one will be able to join your server.
  • Also on the startup dialog, you can set a Welcome Message that will be seen by everyone who joins the server, and you can encrypt your IP before giving it to other players.

Server list

Do not expect 24/7 up-time on these servers.

  • Main FiM Server:
  • General Japanese Server:
  • Miscellaneous Servers (untested):
  • Actual Fighting is magic server list:


I don't want to play! How to I make it so people can't challenge me?
Type /rest. While in resting mode, people can not challenge you, but you are still able to talk. To exit resting mode, type /rest again.

Is there a way to launch the game from MTSP without challenging someone?
Type /game to launch the game. It can be useful along with the "show hitbox" option.

Fighting is Magic



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