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Health values

Applejack 475
Pinkie Pie 465
Twilight Sparkle 455
Rarity 440

During the fight, you will notice the characters flash different colors when they are fighting. There are three main colors to look out for:

  • Red: Untechable. There is nothing you can do until you have finished reeling/bouncing.
Look out for this if you're doing a combo; it's a window for you to extend it.
  • Blue: Techable. When you hit the ground after a techable knockdown, your character will flash blue. You have to be holding the down direction on the 14th frame after hitting the ground to tech.
If you are hit during the 13 frames preceding the tech, you are forced standing, and your opponent can continue his combo. If you managed to tech, you are completely invincible until you regain control.
  • White: Invulnerable. This is most often seen during a tech, which you use to safely shake out of a combo string.
Sometimes this shows up during your combo if you do too much of a certain action (e.g. using too many launchers).

To Air Tech, you have to hold up (8).
To Ground Tech, you have to hold down (2).

To throw, input 6D (Forward Magic). Throws can not be blocked, but can be escaped by jumping, by using any move that puts you in an airborne state (e.g. Twilight's dash), or by inputting your own throw.
Throws have 7 frames of startup, and it is possible to escape them by jumping on the 7th frame.
From the moment your opponent inputs a throw, you have 9 frames to input your own throw if you want to tech it.
The character who techs the throw recovers one frame earlier than the character who tried to throw.

Combo rules
Every combo is unrestricted in terms of OTG and hitstun. Each continuous combo string may contain a maximum of one untechable spike, and two launchers.
Each combo can contain up to four blowbacks. The first two blowbacks in a combo are allowed to wall bounce.

Fighting is Magic



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