Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a training mode?
Officially, no. But creating an eternal versus match for practice is possible.
First, set the timer to 0 in the game settings. In Versus mode, you have access to the E and F (set as W and E by default for Player 1, and O and P for Player 2).
E will restore health fully and F will give full meter and magic to the player.

How do I change the stage?
From the navigation bar at the top of the screen, press options, then game, and use the dropbox titled "BG".

How do I return to the main menu?
Pause the game with ESC (by default), then press A + B + C.

How do I find people to netplay?
You can hop on the irc channel, #fightingismagic on You can also check the Fighting is Magic thread on /mlp/.

How can I display hitboxes in game?
Open "game.ini" with a text editor, and set "Editor.TestPlay.HitJudge" to 1. Alternatively you check the "show hitboxes" option in MTSP, and launch the game using /game.

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