Input Notation

    7  8  9                   
                    A  B  C    
    4  5  6                   
    1  2  3

The numpad notation is a system for writing directional inputs for fighting games in which numbers are used in place of directions, according to their position on a keyboard's numpad. Numbers are always used assuming the character is facing right.

Button notation:
A - Light attack
B - Medium attack
C - Heavy attack
D - Magic

66 means tap forward twice.
236A means QCF+A (Quarter Circle Forward), or "down, down-forward, forward A"

Additional notes:
j. will indicate a jumping attack.
E and F are debug keys for healing and regaining super and magic, and as such you should not use them in an actual fight.

Commands and Movements

Dashing: Every character (currently) can dash and backdash on the ground by pressing 66 and 44 respectively. Each dash has different properties. Pinkie Pie is currently the only character who can run by holding 6 after initiating her dash.

Jumping: Pressing 7, 8 or 9 makes you jump. There are three forms of jump, not usable by every characters:

  • Short hop - As soon as you tap jump, let go of it immediately. This makes you jump at lowest possible height, and is very good for offense. Rarity and Twilight can't perform this.
  • Normal jump - Keep holding the jump direction slightly longer than for short hop.
  • Super jump - Press or hold down and immediately jump afterwards. Applejack is currently the only character able to perform this.
  • Super 'attack' jump - Certain aerial moves (e.g. Twilight's j.C) give additional momentum to your jump.

Blocking: Blocking is done by holding [4] (to block high) or [1] (to block low). High attacks, or overheads must be blocked High. Low attacks must be blocked Low. Mid attacks can be blocked either way.

Throwing: Pressing 6D next to your opponent initiates a throw. Throws are unblockable, but can be dodged.

Teching: There are a few situations in which a character is allowed to tech. Your character will flash blue to indicate that you can tech. You can tech in mid-air by holding any up direction. It is recommended to hold [7], as your character will block right after teching. You can tech on the ground by holding any down direction. Similarly, it is recommended to hold [1] to tech.

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